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Joo Hetki cafe in Oulu
Hetki yhdessä? Joo. Oletko sinä etsimämme kahvilatyöntekijä?
Besides Espoo, Kirkkonummi and Oulu, Joo Fixer is now available in Turku, too. The always helpful Joo Fixer will install your washing machine and light fixtures and put up your pictures for free.
Thanks to everyone who took part in our energy creation campaign! We donated €1 for every idea you shared to support young people's mental health.
Do you spend a lot of time working on a laptop at home? Test out our tips for better ergonomics and you'll soon notice that you feel more energetic.
Our autumn events for residents involved bowling and jogging together with neighbours.
Luo energiaa ympärillesi
Create energy and feel empowered!
5 easy ways to save energy in your urban home.
Happy 1st birthday to Joo! Joo means yes in Finnish – find out all the new things we've said Joo to in our first year.
New Joo homes are under construction in Kangasvuori in Jyväskylä. We think Kangasvuori, at just over 10 minutes from the city centre by bike, is fantastic. Read on and see if you agree.
Our summer trainee Hilla moved to Jyväskylä to study a few years ago. Check out her recommendations and get the best out of your new home town.
What are the highlights of Masala in Kirkkonummi? Check out our top tips for living in this up and coming area.
We've got a shared lounge for Joo residents in Masala in Kirkkonummi. So, what can you do there?
In summer, Finnish fields are full of lovely natural flowers. Read our instructions for making a beautiful bouquet and spread some happiness!
Does your apartment need cooling? Check out our top tips.
Running school in Toppilansalmi in Oulu
We held a running school event for our residents in Toppilansalmi, Oulu. To find out more and discover some top running techniques, read our blog post.
Midsummer magic by Joo Kodit
We added a contemporary twist to traditional Finnish Midsummer magic! You can try these out wherever you spend your Midsummer - in the country, in the city, or even at your rental apartment.
Joo Fixer Janne
Can we help you with little fixes at home? The answer is Joo!
Joo Olohuone, Kirkkonummen Manhattan
The first ever Joo Olohuone now welcomes visitors in Kirkkonummi. The sunny opening day featured hot dogs, sunshine and happy conversation.
Joo Classic Finnish Design Shop
JOO CLASSIC. Do you need inspiration for furnishing your new home? The classic home is for lovers of timeless, understated design.
Joo Urban Finnish Design Shop
JOO URBAN. The clear, graphic style of the urban home exudes simple sophistication. Get inspired by the interior design look created by Finnish Design Shop!
Joo Carefree Finnish Design Shop
JOO CAREFREE. The carefree home celebrates colour without compromising on style. Get inspired by the interior design look created by Finnish Design Shop!
Joo x Finnish Design Shop
Carefree, classic or urban? The interior designers of Finnish Design Shop put together three different interior design sets for Joo Kodit residents.
Spin classes at Joo Arena
Welcome to Joo Arena, a brand new indoor sports centre!
Joo Hetki cafe in Oulu
A new café, Joo Hetki, will open in the Toppilansalmi neighbourhood of Oulu. We'd love to see you there!