Moving into your first apartment? Kick start your new life smoothly with this guide.

Moving into your first apartment

Have you been accepted for studies and are now looking for your first apartment in a new city? How exciting! Renting an apartment and managing your own finances can initially seem daunting. Fortunately, you'll get the hang of everything once you've just gone through the basics once.

To help you find an apartment, get home insurance, and manage your rent invoices, check out these top tips from Joo Kodit rental representative Elias and debt collection expert Tia-Maria.

How do I choose a suitable rental apartment for myself?

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Tia-Maria and Elias suggest starting with the fundamentals, like your budget and where you want to live. Do you prefer to be near a train station or commute to your studies by bike? Where is the nearest grocery shop? Would you like to have a forest nearby for walking your furry friend?

What's more, consider when you'd like to move in and how long you intend to stay. Did you know that with Joo Kodit, you can move in quickly, even as soon as on the next business day?

How do I rent an apartment?

  1. This varies depending on which company owns the apartment. In most cases, you're asked to complete a rental application. With Joo Kodit, you can also rent an apartment online.
  2. Go and see the apartment. Virtual viewings are often available, too.
  3. Sign the tenancy agreement.
  4. Pick up the keys.

Finally, you need to get your own electricity deal and home insurance, as well as check whether the internet is included in the rent or if you should fix it yourself.

Why should I get home insurance even if my landlord doesn't require it?


Home insurance protects your personal belongings and helps you avoid substantial expenses. For instance, if your bike is stolen from the storage area, you're likely to get compensation from your home insurance provider. Likewise, if your furniture is damaged due to a water leak in the apartment, you can file a claim through your home insurance policy.

Why should I pay my invoices on time?

We strongly advice paying invoices promptly to avoid any additional fees and unnecessary trouble.

If you fail to pay your rent despite the collection efforts, the collections company may refer the matter to the district court. This could result in the rescission of your tenancy agreement and eviction, as well as a payment default entry on your credit record. This can make it challenging to rent a new home or obtain insurance and loans in the future.

If you're worried about forgetting to pay your invoices, we have good news for you: you can make things easier by ordering your invoices as eInvoices directly to your online bank. You can also set up e-Invoices for automatic payment. And there you go, one less thing to remember, allowing you to focus on the important things in your life.

What else should I keep in mind when living in a rental apartment?

Living in a Joo Kodit apartment is easy and carefree, because the Joo team is always here to help you out. The most important thing to remember is to keep your home in good condition and promptly inform your landlord of any problems you might notice.

In addition to weekly cleaning, taking care of your apartment includes tasks like window cleaning, maintaining air vents, and keeping drains clear. See our easy cleaning tips here.

It's also a good idea to read and adhere to the house rules of your apartment complex. You'll find Joo Kodit house rules in our Jooppi-residents' app. Additionally, please spread some happiness by greeting your neighbours whenever you pass them in the stairwell or outside the building. A smile can really brighten someone's day!


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