Joo Kodit customer experiences say it all: people like it here!

Joo Kodit customer experiences

"Everything has been easy and carefree. The houses are beautiful, comfortable, and peaceful. The landlord was friendly."

Should you rent a Joo Kodit apartment? What is Joo Kodit like as a rentals company? These questions are understandably very common, and who could better answer them than Joo Kodit residents themselves!

In 2023, Joo Kodit achieved an NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 57, reflecting our customers' likelihood to recommend Joo Kodit to others. This score came from 9,002 responses. Given the NPS scale runs from -100 to +100, a score of 57 is an excellent endorsement.

"The service has been exceptional and flexible, and I can honestly say that the Joo Kodit customer service has been the very best."

"Residents are well looked after."

About to move into your first home? There's no need to get nervous!

We're especially commended for our easy rental process and our quick, friendly service. Renting is a breeze with us, with the option to handle almost everything online. If you'd prefer a face-to-face visit to view the apartment and chat with our rental representative, we're happy to organise that, too!

If it's your first time moving into your own place, don't worry - Joo Kodit offers clear, straightforward advice on what to do next. And if you've got any questions, our Joo team is always just a chat message, call, or email away.

"I think living in a Joo Kodit home has been really straightforward. Though I wasn’t very familiar with renting before, I know I've got easy access to all the information and help I need."

Joo Kodit

Life in a Joo Kodit home is genuinely carefree

Residents who've lived in Joo Kodit homes for more than six months rated the friendliness and professionalism of our service 4.6/5.

We also gather feedback from the people who are moving out. 9 out of 10 believe we've achieved our goal of providing a hassle-free rental experience.

"Communications are clear, and you can quickly get in touch with customer service. Jooppi is convenient."

"The common areas are clean, living here is easy and enjoyable, and the neighbours are friendly and quiet!"

"What I really appreciate is the way Joo Kodit focuses on its residents' wellbeing. You organise events and gatherings for residents, which fosters a sense of community that I find really heartwarming. Help is always readily available, and living here feels safe. The residents' benefits are wonderful extras. Customer service is top-notch, and all the Joo Kodit staff members I've met have been absolutely wonderful."

Why giving feedback makes sense

At Joo Kodit, we're always collecting and, of course, reading your feedback. This has led to improvements like our Jooppi residents' app, residents' events, and communal spaces, to name just a few. So, a huge thank you for all your invaluable feedback!

The next time you receive a survey from us, we'd hugely appreciate you taking a moment to share your thoughts.

The quotes in this article are responses from a customer satisfaction survey for residents who've lived in a Joo Kodit home for six months. Residents were asked to provide reasons why they would recommend us.


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