BC Nokia players found carefree rental apartments with Joo Kodit

BC Nokia enjoy carefree rental living with Joo Kodit

– I got a phone call and I answered it.

That's how the American basketball player Both Gach ended up playing for BC Nokia. To join the team, he moved from Minnesota to Nokia, where is he currently enjoying his second season as a professional.

His is not an unusual story, as promising players frequently catch the eye of different clubs from around the globe. Signing the contract also means the new player must find somewhere to call home. BC Nokia stepped in to help out, renting Joo Kodit apartments for Both Gach as well as his teammates Tomas Murphy, Tucker Richardson, Hugo Boman, and Fiifi Aidoo.

Fiifi says he likes the brand new finishings and the balcony of the apartment. Tomas, on the other hand, is fond of simple living.

– I kind of like how it's a one room studio. I like living in a place where I know where everything is. It's simple and minimalistic.

The perks of renting with Joo Kodit also include having each other as next door neighbours.

– I like the fact that we go to practise together and come back together, Tomas says.

– Also the other residents in our building seem pretty nice, based on the people I've talked to so far, Tucker adds.

Nokia is a tranquil and uncomplicated place to live

The players of BC Nokia describe Nokia as a tranquil place to live.

– Nokia is a simple small town and the people here are friendly. You can find everything you need close by, Hugo says.

Tomas also points out the convenient location, too, as Tampere is quick to reach by bus or train.

– I prefer living in a smaller town near the city, so you can easily travel back and forth.

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