Sweat, smiles and cheers – Joo Basketball is great for learning new skills together

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The training sessions of Joo Basketball at Nokia's Harjuniitty sports hall always start with a resounding "Joo!" This cheer not only lifts everyone's spirits but also gets their hands high in the air. It's in moments like these that the ultimate goal of Joo Basketball, which is to build our community, really comes to life.

Joo Kodit started to offer free basketball training in January, and the sessions will continue until the end of April. The new team for women beginners was received with huge enthusiasm, and all 35 spots were quickly filled. The training sessions are led by the basketball club BC Nokia.

Today's coach is Marja Olli, who says her introduction to basketball felt like coming home. The basketball community welcomes everyone.

Training where fun comes first

Each session starts with a warm-up, where the players dribble the ball around themselves and bounce it on the floor. Then, they get to practice the agile footwork needed for defense and tracking teammates' movements. They also work on improving shooting accuracy, from the shoulders down to the fingertips.

Joo Basketball

Joo Basketball

Joo Basketball

The excitement of the game rises in team exercises, as teammates cheer each other on. For players like Vilhelmiina Uusitalo and Heidi Helminen basketball is a brand new hobby. Both have thoroughly enjoyed it.

– The training sessions have been really interesting and entertaining. We've also had a different coach for each session, and they've all given us new perspectives, Vilhelmiina says.

Heidi shares the same thoughts.

– The best part is the great vibe within the team. Everyone's got a smile on their face while training. There's lots of laughter and fun involved in learning together, and we all work up a sweat.

Shared hobbies are a natural way of meeting neighbours

Joo Kodit wants to help build a sense of community in Nokia. Vilhelmiina, who recently moved to a new area, was encouraged by her colleagues to join Joo Basketball.

– To me, Joo Basketball means belonging in a community, learning something new, and enjoying team sports. Doing exercise together is loads of fun.

Vilhelmiina and Heidi

Doing activities together is often the most natural way for neighbours to get to know each other. That's why Joo Kodit organises a wide variety of residents' events. During 2023 there were nearly 70 events around Finland, from planting flowers in the communal yard to outdoor games and hot dogs, running schools, bowling evenings, and pre-Christmas parties.

In 2024, many more events have been organised alongside Joo Basketball, and new ones are continuously in the works.