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Turun Armiro

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Turun Armiro

Fatabuurinkatu 2 B
  • Valmistunut 2020

  • 1-3H: 23,0-63,0 m²

  • Yhteiskäyttöauto ja Joo Works -työskentelytila käytettävissäsi

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A well-located neighborhood with an industrial vibe

The Turun Armiro rental apartments may be exactly what you're looking for if you'd like to live in a well-located, industrial-style development. Thanks to their prime location, you'll have convenient access to Turku's city centre, the harbour, and beyond. And wherever you go, you'll always enjoy coming back to these beautiful brick buildings.

Shared car for quick journeys to the city centre and beyond

Turun Armiro is located at about 1 kilometre from Turku Castle. This, of course, makes for lovely summer walks to the castle and along the Aura River. The harbour is also nearby, so just jump on the boat or train and the world's your oyster. The city centre is less than 3 kilometres away, meaning you'll get there by bus in under 15 minutes and by bike in just 10 minutes.

When you want to travel further afield, why not make use of the shared cars of the apartment complex? Thanks to them, you can easily transport larger purchases home, cruise to your hobbies, or drive off for a weekend away without breaking the bank.

You're sure to feel at home in Herttuankulma

Students and those working from home will love Joo Work, the shared workspace of the neighbourhood. You're welcome to head to Joo Work, which is free to use for Joo residents, whenever you need a place to think, study, or work. After the mental workout, you can choose from a variety of gyms in the area to fit in some exercise for your body, too.

For families with children, highlights include the unusually located playground on the roof of a multistorey car park. The Talimäki daycare centre and Topelius school are also within walking distance, making everyday life easier. What's more, plans are underway to open a well-stocked supermarket in the area.

Carefree rental living

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  • Pets are welcome

  • Manage everything about your home easily with the Jooppi residents' app

  • The Joo team is always here to help



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