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Vuokra-asunnot Herttuankulma Turku

Rental apartments in Turku, Herttuankulma

Joo rental apartments in Herttuankulma, near Turku Harbour, welcome residents with their cozy, contemporary feel and several different sizes to choose from.

In Herttuankulma, just a few kilometres from the centre of Turku, mobility is a breeze thanks to a train station in the harbour and bus stops within a stone's throw away. Everyday amenities are all within easy reach, and nearby attractions include the historic Turku Castle.

Can we help you with little fixes at your new home? The answer is Joo!

All the apartment complexes in Herttuankulma feature our free Joo Fixer service. Joo Fixer is there for you when you need help with little fixes at home, such as installing your washing machine and light fixtures or putting up pictures.

Joo Work. Room for thinking.

As a Joo Kodit resident, you can use the attractive Joo Work remote working space in Herttuankulma for free. When you need room for thinking, working, or studying, just head to Joo Work.

Need a car to borrow?

In Herttuankulma you have access to an affordable shared car. Ideal for bringing back heacy shopping, cruising to your hobbies, or going away for the weekend!


How can I help you?

Please get in touch if you'd like to know anything about the neighbourhood or booking an apartment. I'll be happy to help you find your new home.
0400 212 461(Weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m)