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Turku is particularly wonderful in summer, when you can stroll on the banks of the Aura River, jump on a riverboat, or pop into the many quaint terrace cafes of the cobblestone streets. The winter charms of the city include an atmospheric Christmas market, fascinating museums, and a lively restaurant and bar scene. Turku abounds with history and culture – come and experience it for yourself!

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You'll find attractive Joo apartments in Herttuankulma, Luolavuori, and the Linnanfältti neighbourhood with its wooden apartment blocks. Buses to the city centre are frequent, but distances are short enough to walk, too. In Herttuankulma, you can rent the residents' shared car for your shopping trips and weekends away.

All the apartment complexes in Turku feature our free Joo Fixer service. Joo Fixer is there for you when you need help with little fixes at home, such as installing your washing machine and light fixtures or putting up pictures.

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