Joo Kodit Kotimestari

Joo Fixer

Need help setting up your home? The answer is Joo!

So, your home looks almost ready, but the pictures are still lying on the floor and you don't own a toolbox? Not to worry! Our helpful Joo Fixers take care of tasks like this free of charge. You can book the service for putting up pictures and mirrors, connecting the washing machine, or installing lights.

The service is free and can be booked via Jooppi residents' app. It's available for Joo Kodit residents in these cities:

  • Espoo

  • Vantaa

  • Kerava

  • Sipoo and Söderkulla

  • Porvoo

  • Kirkkonummi

  • Oulu

  • Tampere

  • Nokia

  • Pirkkala

  • Kangasala

  • Turku