Joo Kodit Kotimestari

Joo Fixer

Can we help you with little fixes at home? The answer is Joo!

Joo Fixer is a free service by Joo Kodit. The always helpful Joo Fixer is happy to help with little practicalities in your new home, from installing light fixtures or a washing machine to putting up pictures and mirrors. The service is currently available in the apartment complexes below. Is your home not on the list? No worries, as we’re busy expanding the Joo Fixer service and in the future you can enjoy it Finland-wide.

The service is available at the following apartment complexes:

  • Espoon Hopeakerttu
  • Espoon Meripuiston Ranta (Tyrskyvuori 4)
  • Kirkkonummen Platina (Vernerintie 6)
  • Kirkkonummen Hopea (Vernerintie 8)
  • Kirkkonummen Koboltti (Vernerintie 12)
  • Kirkkonummen Manhattan (Seppä-Kallen kuja 2)
  • Kirkkonummen Brooklyn (Seppä-Kallen kuja 4)
  • Kirkkonummen Paasi (Tarutie 19)
  • Kirkkonummen Saaga (Tarutie 32 ja 34)
  • Kirkkonummen Soho (Pystysepänkaari 5)
  • Tolsan Asemalaituri (Tolsankuja 5)
  • Oulun Hiillos (Lekatie 5)
  • Oulun Hohto (Lekatie 7)
  • Oulun Antiikva (Lekatie 13)
  • Oulun Mallastohtori (Satamatie 5)
  • Oulun Mallasmaisteri (Satamatie 7 ja 9)
  • Oulun Sokurin Hyve (Mallastie 20)
  • Oulun Mallaskeisari (Mallastie 30)
  • Oulun Fenderi (Mallastie 32)
  • Oulun Toppilansalmen Timantti (Panimotie 6)
  • Oulun Toppilansalmen Legenda (Panimotie 10)