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Oulun Tervapääsky

Oulun Tervapääsky

Lintulammentie 11
  • Completed in 12/23
  • 1-3 rooms: 26-51.5 m²
  • Pets are welcome
  • Joo Fixer service available
  • A laundry room and a shared car at your disposal

Your carefree rental home in the idyllic Karjasilta

Welcome to Oulun Tervapääsky, where living is hassle-free, and all the essential amenities are conveniently close by. Here, you can enjoy a tranquil environment while still staying connected to the city vibe. Comprehensive amenities are just around the corner, helping make your daily life carefree. You can stroll to the local grocery shop in less than 5 minutes and reach Lidl or K-Supermarket in under 10 minutes. Oulu city centre is just a few kilometers away, offering a wealth of opportunities within easy reach.

Urban finishings, a communal laundry room, and a smart energy system

Inside the apartments, you'll love the contemporary urban finishings, which give your home a modern flair. What's more, the apartment complex offers a convenient laundry room and a shared car to simplify your everyday routines. Joo Fixer is also available to help you out with little fixes at home, such as hanging up paintings, installing a mirror, or setting up ceiling lights. You can just sit back and relax while Joo Fixer takes care of things. How convenient is that?

This apartment complex, rated A for energy efficiency, has an innovative energy system that harnesses the waste energy from the district heating return line. This heats your apartment during the winter, while in summer, it offers welcome cooling. This makes energy efficiency a natural part of your everyday life!

Carefree rental living

  • Deposit €0

  • Pets are welcome

  • Joo Fixer helps you with little fixes at home

  • Manage your home easily with our Jooppi app

  • The Joo team is here for you