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Oulu is known for light summer nights, sandy beaches and maritime ambience, and the pretty, pastel-coloured wooden houses of the city centre. Life is Oulu, selected as European Capital of Culture for 2026, is tranquil and carefree, but never dull. You'll find Joo apartments of different sizes in Toppilansalmi, Karjasilta, Ritaharju, Linnanmaa, and Metsokangas.

Oulu has more than 600 kilometres of bike lanes

The flat landscape and short distances make Oulu a fabulous city for biking, where you can pedal from A to B all year round. Thanks to the well-maintained bike lines, the city centre, university and seaside are always quick and easy to reach.

Can we help you with little fixes at your new home? The answer is Joo!

All the apartment complexes in Oulu feature our free Joo Fixer service. Joo Fixer is there for you when you need help with little fixes at home, such as installing your washing machine and light fixtures or putting up pictures.

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