Joo Kodit shared cars contribute to a carefree life

Joo Kodit shared cars

When you live within easy reach of good transportation connections and can smoothly navigate your daily life by bus, bicycle, or electric scooter, there's often no need to have your own car. But what can you do if you need to buy a new shelf, or when a friend invites you to their remote summer cottage for the weekend? Well, that's when a shared car comes in handy!

Borrow the shared car of your apartment complex

Joo Kodit helps make getting from A to B carefree by offering shared cars for the residents of its rental apartments. The communal vehicles can already be found in several apartment complexes in various locations.

  • We want to offer shared cars for Joo Kodit residents so that people can choose not to own a car and save on their daily expenses. Typically, private cars remain parked about 95 percent of the day, just sitting there and going down in value. We wanted to a provide greener alternative for carefree living," says Tommi, who ordered the Joo Kodit shared cars.

Shared car services reduce emissions by letting multiple drivers to share one vehicle. Additionally, many of the Joo Kodit cars are already eco-friendly electric vehicles. In the future, all cars bought for Joo Kodit will be electric.

Carefree electric driving

Here's how easy it is to book a shared car

If you're a Joo Kodit resident, you can check in the Jooppi residents' app whether your apartment complex has a shared car. You'll find this info on the Shared spaces page.

With a shared car, you can drive at an affordable price for as long as you want. So, you can book the car for just 10 minutes or for the entire weekend. You can make a reservation well in advance, the night before, or even right before leaving if the car is available.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Download the Omago app from your device's app store.
  2. Register as a user with the registration code of your apartment complex. You'll find the code in Jooppi.
  3. Just book the car and start driving!

Joo shared car