The best winter swimming spots in Oulu

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Caught the winter swimming bug? Joo Team's winter swimmers Hanna, Olli and Roosa recommend the best winter swimming spots in Oulu.

Best winter swimming spots in Oulu: Tuira beach

Roosa, Hanna and Olli's favourite place for winter swimming is Tuira beach by the Oulu river. It offers good, sturdy stairs for dipping into the water, along with lovely views.

With an affordable season pass, you can also access the shower and changing room facilities on Tuira beach. Students, pensioners, and the unemployed get the season pass at half price. You can also swim at Tuira beach for free if you don't use the shower and changing room.

Tuira beach winter swimming spot

Best winter swimming spots in Oulu: Koivuranta sauna raft

At Koivuranta sauna raft you can dip into the ice hole either with or without getting warm in a log sauna first. Your ticket options include single tickets, multi-use passes, and season tickets.

This is a fantastic spot to bring all your friends, as there's a warm outdoor jacuzzi available for those less fond of the cold.

Koivuranta sauna raft

Kuva: Koivuranta sauna raft

Best nearby winter swimming sports: Ouluntullin Kalliomonttu

You can also enjoy winter swimming with a season pass in Kempele at Ouluntulli Kalliomonttu. The ice hole stays open throughout the winter thanks to a circulation pump. You can change into your swimsuit in heated changing rooms.

Head over to Joo Hetki for post-swim sweet treats

Winter swimming works up an appetite, so afterwards, head over to Joo Hetki café in Toppilansalmi with your friends to recharge with hot chocolate and delicious cakes.

Joo Hetki is open every weekday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can find us at Satamatie 5.

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