The benefits and health effect of winter swimming

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Ever wondered why so many get hooked on winter swimming? Joo team's experienced winter swimmers Hanna and Olli reveal the secrets behind the trend's popularity. Winter swimming has numerous positive effects on both body and mind. Here are Hanna and Olli's top 5 reasons why you should also start dipping into the cold water!

Winter swimming benefit 1: community

The coolest conversations happen in the changing room! Not only will you meet amazing people of all ages, you'll also get great tips from seasoned swimmers. And what could be nicer than sharing that great post-swim feeling (and maybe some hot chocolate and pancakes) with a friend!

Winter swimming benefit 2: inner sunshine

Whatever the weather, even after a quick dip you'll feel the warmth of your inner sunshine.

Winter swimming benefit 3: health effects

Winter swimming has countless health benefits, which are there for your picking:

  • Increased sense of happiness and well-being
  • Easier falling asleep
  • Improved immune system
  • Increased stress tolerance
  • Enhanced muscle recovery
  • Faster metabolism and more effective fat burning
  • Better circulation and lower baseline blood pressure with regular ice hole dips
  • Dipping in the ice hole also helps with the symptoms of rheumatism and asthma, as well as easing muscle and joint inflammation.

Roosa's tip for winter swimming beginners

Winter swimming benefit 4: cheap and cheerful

Winter swimming is practically free, but if you want to use changing rooms, the seasonal fees aren't much. Pensioners, students, and the unemployed often get half-price season passes!

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Winter swimming benefit: ease and speed

Throw your swimsuit in your bag, grab a friend, and off you go!

Are you still gathering courage to start winter swimming?

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