Five reasons to move to Karjasilta in Oulu

Are you looking for a rental apartment in Oulu? Join the Joo team to see what Karjasilta is like as a neighbourhood.

Located near the city center, Karjasilta is a great choice if you're looking for a rental apartment in Oulu. We listed five things that make everyday life in this neighbourhood carefree. Join Marianne and Salla to see what Karjasilta is like as a place to live.

Karjasilta Oulu

1. Idyllic living near the town centre

Have you ever wondered what it's like to live in Karjasilta? Karjasilta in Oulu is renowned for its idyllic and tranquil ambiance. Constructed after the wars, this neighbourhood is located just a few kilometers away from Oulu's city centre. The detached houses built in the late 1940s and early 1950s add to its allure with their lovely gardens, which are a pleasure to stroll past on an evening walk. The area also has a good range of newer developments and high-quality rental homes.

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Karjasilta Oulu

2. Enjoy the greenery in Karjasilta

Karjasilta offers plenty of green areas and parks for relaxation all year round. Grab a picnic blanket, a frisbee, and invite your friends for a delightful park hangout in the summer sun.

The name "Karjasilta" goes back to the time when this area served as pastureland for cows owned by city dwellers. To the north flows the Kaupunginoja stream, once crossed by a bridge transporting cattle. While you won't find any cows grazing here today, you might spot interesting bird species or even spot some urban rabbits.

From Karjasilta, a quick walk takes you to the nearby dog park in Höyhtyä, where your furry friend can frolic to their heart's content.

Karjasilta Oulu

3. Car-free living in Oulu

You don't need to own a car when you live in Karjasilta, as local buses whisk you anywhere in the city several times per hour. Do you need to get to the university every day? No worries: the bus takes just over half an hour, and central Oulu is even closer!

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4. Oulu – renowned as a bikers' haven

Or do you prefer to commute by bike? Oulu is renowned for being bike-friendly, with a well-maintained network of cycling paths making getting around easy, whatever the season.

The Joutsenbaana bike path runs through Karjasilta, linking the area to Oulu's wider cycling network. Cycling isn't just for everyday trips; it's a great way to explore other parts of Oulu and enjoy your leisure time. Fancy grabbing a coffee at the Market Hall and waving to Oulu's iconic Toripolliisi statue? Or perhaps cycling to the Nallikari beach for some fun in the sun?

Find out more about bike routes in Oulu here.

Plus, as a Joo Kodit resident, you'll have spacious and heated bike storage facilities at your disposal in every one of our apartment complexes in Oulu.

Karjasilta Oulu

5. Everyday shopping at your fingertips

In Karjasilta, you've got all you need right at your fingertips. Whether you're heading out for grocery shopping or a quick bite to eat, you'll find what you're looking for just a short stroll away at the end of Joutsensilta. Food shopping and picking up household essentials doesn't get much easier than this! Bigger stores like the Prisma supermarket are located just across Joutsensilta at Limingantulli.

Karjasilta Oulu

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