Happy 1st birthday to Joo!

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The story of Joo Kodit started on 16 September 2021, so it's time to celebrate our first birthday! Joo means yes in Finnish, and we've certainly said yes to a lot of new things in our first year. Here's just a few examples.

1. Joo to furnished rental apartments

Joo+ furnished rental apartments

Since last spring, we've also offered Joo Kodit furnished apartments. You can move to a Joo+ rental apartment without worrying about who'll help you carry your bed or washing machine.

2. Joo to interior design inspiration

Joo x Finnish Design Shop 2

We're inspiring people to furnish their compact homes sustainably. The interior designers of Finnish Design Shop put together three different interior design sets, which were created especially for Joo Kodit apartments.

3. Joo to sustainable development

solar panel

We decided to commission only apartment complexes with the best energy rating A. We're also increasing the use of solar power and geothermal heating.

4. Joo to helping out residents

Joo Fixer

We started to offer free help for small fixes at home in some of our apartment complexes. Joo Fixer puts up pictures as well as installs your light fixtures and washing machine for you.

5. Joo to clever communal spaces

Joo Olohuone

We began to plan a variety of communal spaces for our new developments. The first shared residents' lounge, Joo Olohuone, is already open in Kirkkonummi.

6. Joo to active communities

Joo Kodit running school, Oulu

We want to create a sense of community and provide places where it's easy to get to know your neighbours. In Toppilansalmi, Oulu, we organised a running school event. This winter the new Joo Hetki café will host a variety of residents' activities and events. It will double as a Joo Kodit customer service point.

What will you say Joo to?