Joo Premium

Carefree rental living in furnished apartments all around Finland.

Joo Premium

Furnished rental apartments
  • Apartments all around Finland
  • Pets are welcome
  • Tenancy agreements of 6 months+

Joo Premium - furnished apartments in Finland

Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn and you need to move house quickly. Happily, this can give you a great opportunity to try out life in a new city.

In those situations, wouldn't it be wonderful if your new home was furnished for you, almost as if by magic. No trips to furniture stores, no stressful assembly sessions, and no sleepless nights on the hard floor.

When you're in need of carefree rental living, just say Joo – that's yes in Finnish.

Move to a furnished Joo Premium rental home

Joo Premium furnished rental apartments is ideal for when you're looking to rent a reasonably priced furnished home for a little bit longer.

  • All-inclusive, fully equipped apartments

  • Fully furnished, including all appliances, crockery and cutlery, and home textiles

  • Rent covers internet and electricity

  • Optional cleaning service available depending on the apartment

  • Minimum lenghth of the tenancy agreement is 6 months

  • Price starting at €950 per month for a studio

Shall we make living more carefree together?

Get in touch! We take pride in our flexibility, so everything is negotiable to match your needs.

Johanna Mattsson
Henri Svensson
Helsinki & Southern Finland
Sanna Vääränen
Tampere & Jyväskylä Area