Need to put up a mirror or a painting? Joo Fixer is here to help.
Joo Fixer Janne

Joo Fixer helps with little fixes at home

Do you need a hand with little practicalities, such as installing light fictures or a washing machine? You can now get in touch our always helpful Joo Fixer. The brand new Joo Fixer service will be kick started at selected apartment complexes in Kirkkonummi, Espoo and Oulu.

“I enjoy my job as Joo Fixer, as no two days are the same. I also like meeting different people while helping them out with little practicalities, like putting up a picture or a mirror”

- Joo Fixer Janne

Joo Fixer is a totally free service, which is currently available at selected apartment complexes. If we haven't fixed a Joo Fixer for your building yet, not to worry! We’re busy expanding the service and you'll be able to enjoy it Finland-wide in the future.

You can read more about the Joo Fixer service on our website: Here.