Joo x Finnish Design Shop

Joo x Finnish Design Shop

Carefree, classic or urban?

Do you need inspiration for furnishing your new home? If your answer is Joo, you've come to the right place. The interior designers of Finnish Design Shop have put together three different interior design sets to help you create a home that reflects you – every item counts!

The interior design sets of the collaboration are called Joo Carefree, Joo Classic and Joo Urban. Joo Carefree celebrates colour, Joo Classic relies on a timeless, soft style, and Joo Urban combines comfort with clear, graphic lines.

“I always encourage people to avoid temporary solutions and rather wait and save up for something they really like. It makes sense to invest most in the furniture you use the most and to complement design items with some second hand gems.”

- Maija Rasila, interior architect, Finnish Design Shop

Is your style carefree, classic or urban? You'll find all the three interior design styles below, complete with product listings. All the items can be bought online at Finnish Design Shop with fast delivery times.