Get to know your neighbours in trainers

Running school in Toppilansalmi in Oulu

”I'd definitely do it again. This running school was really cool.”

To kick start the summer and help Joo residents get to know each other while getting fit together, we held a running school event in Toppilansalmi, Oulu at the start of June. As the sun appeared from behind the clouds, we headed towards Hietasaari to check out top running techniques with professional running coach Joonas Laurila.

”Thanks to everyone who took part, we made a great start! Running is a life-long project, so there's more in this space.”

- Joonas Laurila.

After practicing our techniques, we jogged back to Toppilansalmi and enjoyed excellent pizza in a local pizzeria. While eating, we chatted about everything from boardgames to the forthcoming Joo Hetki café, which gave us the idea of a organising boardgame evening at the café. People also discussed fishing and a library for borrowing everyday things. All this talk got us super excited about what we can offer our residents at the café, which will open in early 2023.

Running techniques and community spirit

The running technique drills of the running school are a good way to warm up for a run. The video below, made by our running coach a couple of years back, will give you some great technical tips for your next run. Watch the video here (in Finnish).

At Joo Kodit, we want to create a stronger sense of community by organising events for our residents. The running school was our latest effort to bring neighbours together. Would you like to attend a running school event in your neighbourhood?

Here's some pics from the running school to give you an idea of the fun that was had. If you'd like to experience it for yourself, be sure to let us know at

Running school, Joonas Laurila

Running school, picture2

Running school, picture3

Running school, pizzeria