Modern Midsummer magic with an urban twist

Midsummer magic by Joo Kodit

Joo is for modern day Midsummer magic

Midsummer magic is an essential part of the traditional Finnish Midsummer . Though it's the perfect way to complete your authentic celebration, not all of us have the props at our disposal for the spells... like seven different natural fields or a well in which to find our reflection.

That's why we've created the Joo versions of our favourite Midsummer magic. These ones are equally well suited for the city and the country, and you can even try them abroad. We won't promise that they always work, but you never know - it's always good say Joo (which means yes) to new adventures!

Midsummer magic 1:

It's said that if you pick seven different flowers and put them under your pillow on Midsummer's night, you'll dream of your future partner. What if you say Joo to seven new things instead?

Try that out at Midsummer and you'll not only have a lucky year ahead, you'll definitely have more fun on the night itself!

Midsummer magic 2:

Get kitted out in your favourite Midsummer outfit, dip your face once in natural water (or the sink), spin around three times and eat something you like. You'll have an exciting year full of unexpected experiences and moments of happiness.

Midsummer magic 3:

Wear a flower garland on Midsummer! Then count how many days the flowers stay fresh: you'll make equally many good friends in the coming year!

Keen to try out our magic? Let us know how you got on!