Top tips for easy home maintenance

Top tips for easy home maintenance

We all know about vacuuming, mopping the floors and dusting, but in fact there's a lot more to home maintenance than that! Why not take a look at these practical tips for keeping your home clean, fresh and in stellar condition? This checklist will be particularly handy if you're moving into your first home.

Optimise your heating

The central heating of your apartment and the underfloor heating in the bathroom must always be on in order to prevent moisture damage. Did you know that turning down the heating in your apartment doesn't even affect your electricity bill if your rental home is covered by district heating? Most Joo Kodit apartments are.

The temperature of the underfloor heating in your bathroom should always be set to at least 22 degrees. After a shower the bathroom will dry more quickly if you turn the temperature up for a moment.

Adjusting the underfloor heating

When is it too cold in your rental apartment? Check out our tips for the heating season.

Or is it too hot at home? See our tips how to cool your apartment in hot weather.


You can adjust the ventilation from the kitchen hood. Different cooker hoods work differently, so please check the manufacturer's instructions for your appliance.

The air in your apartment stays fresher if it can flow and circulate freely.

See the instructions for cleaning the grease filter of the extractor fan.

See also how to clean the exhaust vents and supply vents.

An exhaust vent


After taking a shower, remember to dry the floor with a floor squeegee. Clean the floor drain every now and then. See more here.

Please use your washing machine and dishwasher only when you are at home and turn off the water taps when they are not in use. If the dishwasher starts to smell not so fresh, see our tips here.

See also our tips for saving water here.

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