Joo: let's embrace the new

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The start of a new year is the perfect excuse to develop ourselves and enjoy some more me-time. We put together a list of ideas to help inspire you.

Be more creative.

Do you like writing? You can boost both your creativity and wellbeing by writing your thoughts down every morning as if keeping a journal – you can focus on anything from recent events to your dreams for the future. Taking the time to write gives you a peaceful moment for yourself before facing the day's responsibilities. You can also use this creative time to write a letter to make a friend or a member of your family happy. Alternatively, you could try the Postcrossing service, which allows you to exchange letters with complete strangers.

Arts and crafts are not only relaxing but also help you pick up new skills and improve your hand-eye co-ordination. For extra motivation, why not join an arts club and learn in a group with old or new friends? Framing some of your drawings or paintings and putting your crafts on display will immediately give your home an eclectic personal touch.


Exercise to energise.

Exercise is closely connected to wellbeing, and the great news is that it's easy to make it part of your daily routine. As long as you enjoy what you do, you'll keep doing it. How about walking instead of using public transport, doing a daily quick and easy workout, or joining a group exercise class to add a social aspect to your fitness routine? For some, setting a goal and sticking to it is by far the best way forward. Whatever works for you, just go for it!

Find new perspectives by learning.

Learning changes your perspective on the world, whether it's about picking up a language or exploring a different culture. Discovering something new is always refreshing, and it can even be the start of a lifelong passion. What's more, it's known to improve your memory function. Make a point of learning something every day – practice your language skills with a mobile app on the train or travel to new places and cultures by reading a book or watching short videos at breakfast.

Which of these new things will you embrace this year?