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Carefree rental living? Joo.

How can we help you? Do you need something fixed or are you planning to move on from your Joo apartment? The easiest way to manage your home is to download our Jooppi app. You need a Finnish bank ID for signing up. If you don't have a bank ID, you can use the forms and contact details on this page.

Joo customer service

We’re here to help banish your worries or celebrate the good times together. Whether you’d like to discuss the concerns or joys of living in your Joo apartment, we’re happy to hear you out.

Our customer service is closed on 25th and 26th of December and on 1st of January.

New tenant, looking for a move-in inspection checklist?

The move-in inspection checklist helps us keep a record of the status of the apartment. Please fill in the form within 5 days of moving in even if nothing is wrong or missing in the apartment.

Maintenance requests and other service requests

If your request isn’t urgent, please fill in the maintenance request form below. Our maintenance team will contact you soon to fix the issue.

If the problem needs to be dealt with immediately (e.g. broken windows, water leaks), please contact the emergency hotline of the maintenance company for your home. You’ll find contact details for the maintenance company on the bulletin board in the lobby of your apartment block.

Joo Fixer

Joo Fixer is a free service by Joo Kodit, available at selected cities. The always helpful Joo Fixer is happy to help with little practicalities in your new home, from installing light fixtures or a washing machine to putting up pictures or mirrors.

Ending the tenancy

To terminate the tenancy agreement of your apartment or parking space, please fill in the tenancy termination notice.