We collaborate with schools – these are the topics young people ask us about

What do young people think about rental living?

Rental representative Elias and debt collection expert Tia-Maria have been visiting upper secondary schools and vocational schools in Turku and Naantali to talk about rental living and sound personal finances. We asked them how the idea was born and which subjects young people find most interesting.

What prompted you to start collaborating with schools?

– On our way to work one day, we got talking about how easy it is for young people to end up in debt and mess up their credit reports. Nowadays, you can have pretty much anything delivered to your doorstep and pay for it later with an invoice. Responsibility and continuous improvement are important values to us, and in line with the Joo vibe, we decided we wanted to help increase young people’s financial literacy.

Which subjects do young people find most interesting?

– Many young people are on the cusp of moving into their very first home, or they’ve just rented one. The topic of renting is both current and crucial for them, yet few know much about it. That’s why we start with the fundamentals: How do you rent a place? What are your duties as a tenant? What makes you a good neighbour and a responsible resident? Read our guide here.

– We’ve also highlighted to the students how essential it is to pay the rent on time. The consequences of credit defaults are always a major discussion point during our visits.

– There’s been a wonderful level of interest in general. One thing we often get asked about is what kind of a tenancy agreement you need in order to move in with a friend or partner. Who knows, maybe some of these people will find their very first home through us, too!

What kind of feedback have you received?

– Both the students and teachers have been really welcoming to us. For the schools, the visits have been easy to organise, as they are free of charge. It’s been rewarding to see how many questions the discussions have sparked, with some students even staying behind to chat about rental living.

How have you felt about this project?

– Besides being very meaningful to us, the project has really brightened our daily work routines. The topic is also important from a societal perspective, as young people should be encouraged to manage their finances responsibly. Moving into a new home is usually an exciting prospect for them, so it’s wonderful that we, as rental apartment owners, can help answer any questions on their minds.