Thanks for taking part in our energy creation campaign!

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Saving energy is important, but we also want to help create more of it together! At the turn of October and November, we collected your energy creation tips in Joo Mag and on our Instagram. We got lots of lovely answers.

Two common themes in the answers were positive thinking and looking after your own wellbeing. What's more, when you create energy, you often save some without even thinking about it.

I always aim to bike or walk short distances.

I take a cold shower after running. That saves energy and refreshes my entire body. It's almost the equivalent of ice hole swimming.

I pause to enjoy the moment without looking at a screen.

I wish people will focus more on their passions and on fulfilling their dreams, as that will create more energy and hope in this world.

I spend time with my family and loved ones

Exercise in all its forms works wonders for the mind and body.

Seeing friends gives me so much energy.

I like to knit in candlelight.

A little bit of praise cheers everyone up.

We donate €1 for every idea you shared to support young people’s mental health with MIELI Mental Health Finland. Thanks to everyone who took part!

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