Our autumn events for residents involved bowling and jogging together with neighbours.

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Whatever you do, it's often more fun doing it together with someone. What's more, that someone can be found closer than you think, even right next door. Taking part in Joo Kodit residents' events is a great opportunity to get to know your neighbours.

In mid-October, we put up a bowling night for our Kirkkonummi residents at Joo.Arena, for which we're the main sponsor. Besides glow bowling, we played pool and air hockey, and enjoyed some filled croissants and rocky road. Whenever someone scored a goal or had a strike, everyone cheered. The feedback we received was super positive!

"The event exceeded my expectations. The activities were so much fun and we did really have a good time."



Olesya keilaillassa

Olesya came to the event with her family. Many strikes were made at the bowling alley during the evening.

The running school event in Oulu gave rise to a WhatsApp group

In Oulu we headed out for a jog, as Joonas Laurila joined us for our second running school event at the start of October. He taught us the secrets of his running technique in the beautiful surroundings of Toppilansalmi. While running, people came up with a WhatsApp group, which Joo Kodit residents can join to find company for a jog or another sports activity. If you live in Oulu, why not get involved? For more information, please email joo@joo-kodit.fi

The running school event with Joonas Laurila in October 2022