Bring beauty home with natural flowers
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Flowers are the perfect way to add summer vibe to your apartment. Check out our tips for making a beautiful bouquet of natural flowers, which won't cost you a penny. Just add a ribbon and a card to turn it into a wonderful present!

1. Variety is the spice of your bouquet

Don't hesitate to include a wide variety of flowers in your bouquet. Flowers of different heights add interesting layers to your creation, while multiple colours bring it to life. Fresh green leaves are a fantastic final touch.

2. Quench the thirst first

In hot weather flowers get thirsty, too. To stop them from drying out, we suggest picking them directly into a water-filled container.

3. Trimming the stem is a flower care gem

Trim a little bit off the stems of your flowers before putting them in the vase of your choice. This will help them absorb water better. To prolong their life even more, remove any foliage that would sit below the waterline in the vase.

4. Shower your flowers with love

Look after your wonderful summer bouquet by trimming the stems again at least every couple of days. If you change the water at the same time, you'll enjoy natural beauty in your apartment for as long as possible.