Our upcoming rental apartments in Lamminrahka – check out Kangasalan Kuningas!

Kangasalan Kuningas render

More Joo Kodit rental properties are coming to the Pirkanmaa region! Could your future home be in Lamminrahka, a new residential area on the border between Tampere and Kangasala?

Our 140-apartment block, confidently named Kangasalan Kuningas ("The King of Kangasala") is currently being built in scenic surroundings close to nature. The apartments range from studios to small family homes and will be ready for move-in by late summer 2024.

Living in Kangasalan Kuningas is eco-friendly, as the building is rated A for energy efficiency and uses geothermal heating.

The unique finishings of Kangasalan Kuningas

Distinctive finishings are one of the best features of these homes. In keeping with the urban design theme, clear graphic lines and contrasts provide a modern look, while shades of brown and grey soften the overall aesthetic. Accent walls and large windows provide a functional foundation for interior design.

The accompanying image shows a kitchen under construction, which will include a ceramic stove, oven, dishwasher, and fridge-freezer.

These homes are also easy to personalise, as residents of Joo Kodit can request complimentary assistance from Joo Fixer for hanging pictures, mirrors, and ceiling lights.

Lamminrahka boasts pristine nature and a diverse sports ground

In Lamminrahka, you'll find a forest with beautiful hiking trails right outside your doorstep. These trails are particularly favoured by the local dog owners. In winter, they serve as your gateway to the 100-kilometre cross-country skiing network of Tampere and Kangasala.

Lamminrahka residents can also enjoy a sports ground, which offers ice skating in winter and a fitness park, football field, and padel court in summer.

The brand new Lamminrahka school was completed in summer 2023

A new, multifaceted school complex is located just minutes away from Kangasalan Kuningas, making trips to daycare and school with the youngest family members effortless. The secondary school is expected to be completed in 2030.

In the evenings and on weekends, the school complex transforms into a recreational space, offering activities for people of all ages

Reach the centre of Tampere quickly by bus or shared car

Getting around is ultra-convenient: a bus journey to Tampere city centre takes just half an hour, and reaching the centre of Kangasala is even quicker. Residents of Joo Kodit can also borrow a shared car for their own use at a low cost.

Looking ahead, transport connections are set to improve even further, with plans for a tram route between Lamminrahka and Tampere in place for the 2030s.

To learn more about the apartment complex and view all available rental apartments, visit the Kangasalan Kuningas page.


Kangasalan Kuningas rental apartments