National Joo Day

Joo Day
Joo Day

The 5th of May marks a day on which everyone is encouraged to pursue their dreams, both big and small. It's the national Joo Day, when the answer to everything will be 'Joo', which means 'Yes' in Finnish.

What have you said 'Joo' to? What would you say 'Joo' to if you dared?

Get excited, get inspired, and follow your heart towards what feels right in the moment. Live Joo Day without restrictions and see what life brings to you. It's a day without limitations, a day to see life from a new perspective.

Joo Day is a state of mind, so you can celebrate it wherever you are. Share your day on social media with the hashtag #joopäivä

Psst! Spot the Joo team 2.-3.5. in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku and Oulu, where we hand out inspirational Joo cards and small goodies.