The Christmas party at Joo Olohuone got residents in festive spirits
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It's a lot nicer to come home where you know your neighbours and can say hello to them in the corridor. That's why one of our aims at Joo Kodit is to boost community spirit in rental living.

We put up a Christmas party at Joo Olohuone, the communal loungefor all the residents of the Kirkkonummen Manhattan, Brooklyn and Soho apartment complexes in Masala, Kirkkonummi. We met up to decorate little gingerbread houses and make some Christmas decorations for the tree, while enjoying some warm glögi on a winter's night.

Joo Olohuone Christmas party (3)

How are you?

Local residents Janet and Katri were both already familiar with Joo Olohuone. At the Christmas party they used recycled paper to make decorations for the Christmas tree. Along with craftmaking, they had the chance to chat about lots of things from their homes to their plans for the future.

Janet ja Katri

Janet ja Katri koristelevat joulukuusta

Would you like to have a Christmas party at your apartment complex, too?

Why not invite the neighbours along and ask everyone to bring something to eat. It's easy to get in the festive spirit when you put on some Christmas music and enjoy delicious treats. Whether you'll get into craftmaking, playing cards or carol singing, it'll all be more fun together. Or if the weather is right, why not build some snow lanterns in the yard to delight everyone who happens to pass by.