How to hang pictures on the walls of a rental apartment

How to hang pictures on the walls of a rental apartment

Is it OK to put pictures on the walls of your rental apartment? Do holes in the walls count as normal wear and tear? And how can you attach a picture to a concrete wall if you don't own a drill?

Decorating a rental apartment can seem unnecessarily complicated. With Joo Kodit, you can wave goodbye to your worries and easily make your home reflect your style. Did you know you can order Joo Fixer to put up pictures and mirrors on your behalf, free of charge! The service is available in several locations – read more here.

Putting up pictures without drilling holes

Here's a tip from our Joo Fixer Juho: anyone can easily hang pictures on their walls without any tools. All you need are 3M Command picture hanging strips, which are widely available in supermarkets. When you use these, your walls will stay clean and you won't have to worry about wear and tear on your apartment.

– I use these strips to put up every picture, and I haven't had to make any holes in the walls. Residents often ask me what kind of strips I use. I've told them that they can easily find more of them in the shops.

The picture hanging strips can support pictures weighing up to 7 kilos. You can also move the pictures from one place to another, as the strips can be quickly removed when needed.

– Removing a regular double-sided sticker from the wall can take off a piece of the wall, but these strips are different. The strip can be pulled downwards, and it will slowly come off without leaving any adhesive residue on the wall. I recommend trying them out!

You can read more detailed user instructions on the packaging of the picture hanging strips.

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