Terms of contract

Joo Kodit Terms of Service

The Joo Kodit Terms of Service contain the general terms and conditions for living in your Joo Kodit apartment, which apply to all our residential leases. Please check your residential lease for specific terms and conditions for your individual rental apartment and residential lease.

You can also find answers to frequently asked questions here: https://www.joo-kodit.fi/en/frequently-asked-questions

Booking a Joo Kodit apartment

You can book a Joo Kodit rental apartment if you are a private individual who is at least 18 years old, has Finnish online banking credentials and have no derogatories on your credit report. Booking an apartment requires strong electronic identification. You can read more about how we process personal data in our privacy policy.

Companies, under 18s, and individuals with minor derogatories or an REF entry on their credit report can apply for our apartments with this application form.

Rent arrears, derogatory marks on credit report, and/or problems in previous accommodation may prevent the tenant from renting a Joo apartment. Joo Kodit reserves the right to cancel the apartment reservation until the residential lease is signed.

Once an apartment has been booked via the Joo Kodit website, the Joo Kodit team will be in touch with the primary tenant (Tenant 1 on the booking form) within two working days of signing the residential lease or arranging a viewing. If Joo Kodit does not hear from the person who booked the apartment (Tenant 1) within 24 hours of first making contact with them, the booking is cancelled and the apartment becomes available for others to rent.

Signing the residential lease

The residential lease is binding once signed by the tenant. The residential lease contains apartment-specific terms and conditions and appendices, including instructions for end of tenancy cleaning and apartment maintenance, the price list for services, consent to camera surveillance, and the general rules and regulations of the apartment complex, which the tenant accepts by signing the residential lease.

Most Joo Kodit residential leases are valid until further notice. The notice period is defined in the residential lease. For tenancies valid until further notice, the end date of the residential lease is the last day of the next calendar month at the earliest. This means that the residential lease of your apartment can be terminated at one calendar month’s notice.

The apartment is rented out in its present condition at the time of signing the residential lease. Joo Kodit guarantees that the home is in good condition and will fix any shortcomings at the first opportunity. Such shortcomings must be brought to the attention of Joo Kodit as soon as possible once they have come to light. The Joo Kodit customer service is happy to help if needed. If the tenant rents the property without viewing it in person, the tenant understands that all the possible wear and tear may not be evident from the marketing photos.

After signing the residential lease it is no longer possible to cancel the agreement or not pay the agreed deposit without liability to compensate the landlord. The signed residential lease can only be terminated according to the legal notice period and grounds for termination. The tenant is obliged to pay the rent until the end of the notice period, even if the apartment is not used until that date.

Moving in to your Joo apartment

The lease begins on the moving in date. The tenant can occupy the apartment from 12 p.m. on that day.

Unless agreed otherwise, rent is collected from the first day of the lease even if the tenant only moves in at a later date.

The keys to the apartment will be handed to the tenant when the apartment has been vacated by the previous tenant, the security deposit, if applicable, has been paid and a copy of a valid home insurance policy has been provided to Joo Kodit. The tenant must show a photo ID when collecting the keys.

The tenant must have a comprehensive home insurance policy including liability coverage. The policy must be in force through the entire lease period, and the proof of the policy must be presented to the landlord upon request.

If handing over the rental object to the tenant is delayed for a reason beyond the landlord’s control, Joo Kodit is not obliged to reimburse the tenant for temporary accommodation or any other potential costs incurred.

Living in a Joo Kodit apartment

To ensure that the apartment complex and the neighbourhood are safe and enjoyable places to live, the following rules apply to living in a Joo apartment:

The tenant commits to following the general rules and regulations of the apartment complex.

In accordance with fair rental practices and the Act on Residential Leases (481/1995), it is the tenant’s responsibility to look after the apartment with due care. Regular cleaning of the apartment is an important part of this.

Subleasing the apartment is not permitted without the landlord’s explicit permission. This also includes handing over the apartment in full to another person for short-term accommodation purposes, such as AirBnB.

Smoking is not permitted within the apartment. Many Joo Kodit apartment complexes are non-smoking, and smoking is only allowed in designated outside areas.

Pets that are suited to living in an apartment block are welcome to all Joo Kodit apartments. The tenant is responsible for any damage or excessive wear and tear caused by pets. Pets are not allowed to disturb other residents.Smoke alarms in the apartment and their maintenance are the tenant’s responsibility.

If the tenant loses or breaks a key to the apartment, the tenant is liable to pay the landlord either a minimum penalty fee of €500 or the actual cost of a locksmith rekeying the locks. Charging the tenant the actual cost of rekeying does not remove the landlord’s right for further compensation.The tenant is obliged to inform the landlord about any changes to their contact details. 

Rent payments

Unless agreed otherwise, rent is collected from the first day of the lease even if the tenant only moves in at a later date.

The monthly rent bill comprises the following fees:

  1. Rent

  2. Water fee or water prepayment. Depending on the apartment, you will either be billed a fixed water fee or a water prepayment. The prepayment bill is adjusted to match your actual water usage either once a year or when you move out. To check which billing method applies to your rental apartment, please see your tenancy agreement.

  3. Media fee (if applicable). The media fee includes the apartment complex broadband and cable TV. The use of the broadband may require a router. Buying the router is the tenant’s responsibility.

  4. Parking space (if applicable)

  5. Other applicable additional services

The rent bill is sent monthly around two weeks before the due date. The due date of the rent bill, as specified on the residential lease, is the 5th day of each month unless agreed otherwise.

If the tenant is unable to pay the rent by the due date, the landlord must always be contacted before the due date for negotiating a delayed payment. By paying the rent on time you avoid getting a reminder from Intrum, for which Intrum charges a reminder fee and a late payment interest.

Moving out of a Joo apartment

The end date of the residential lease is the same as the moving out date. The apartment must be vacated in full and keys must be returned by 12 p.m. on the moving out date.

The apartment must be cleaned according to the Joo Kodit end of tenancy cleaning instructions. The price list for services, such as cleaning, is attached to the residential lease.

Joo Kodit campaign offer terms and conditions

Unless stated otherwise, the Joo Kodit campaign offers are valid for new private customers who are renting their first Joo apartment.

The campaign offers (such as first rent €0 or first rent –50%), only apply to rent payments. They do not apply to advance water charges, water bills, media fees, parking space payments, or payments for any other additional services.