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Tampere is one of Finland's best loved cities, and it's easy to see why. The historic industrial city with its red-brick heart by the Tammerkoski rapids has lots to offer to everyone from students to mature culture aficionados. Joo Kodit rents apartments of varying sizes in Tesoma, Muotiala, Vuores, and more. Buses and the tram guarantee quick connections between residential neighbourhoods and the action-packed city centre.

Have you cake and eat it in Tampere: Särkänniemi is just the start of the fun!

While many are familiar with Tampere's fabulous amusement park, Särkänniemi, the city has so much more up its sleeve. For exciting events, visit Nokia Arena's top level ice-hockey matches and concerts by awesome artists. If you enjoy the outdoors, head to Koskipuisto park for a picnic, see your favourite bands at Tammerfest, or witness a unique student event in Hervanta at the World Championships of Academic kyykkä. The observation tower on top of the Pyynikki ridge serves delicious doughnuts with a view, while the traditional Rajaportin sauna is an ideal way to end a long day of fun and frolics.

Can we help you with little fixes at your new home? The answer is Joo!

All the apartment complexes in Tampere feature our free Joo Fixer service. Joo Fixer is there for you when you need help with little fixes at home, such as installing your washing machine and light fixtures or putting up pictures.

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