Riihimäen Pesispolku

Riihimäen Pesispolku

Pesispolku 1, Riihimäki
  • Completed in 8/23
  • Apartments: 22,5-45,5 m²
  • Pets are welcome

Your new rental apartment in Peltokylä, Riihimäki

These attractive Joo Kodit apartments are located in the heart of Riihimäki, with plenty of amenities and services just a stone's throw away. You'll have convenient access to multiple shopping centers and a Prisma supermarket, all within a couple of kilometers from your doorstep. Getting around is a breeze with excellent bus connections and the nearby railway station, where you can easily hop on a commuter train to Greater Helsinki, Tampere, Hämeenlinna or Lahti.

Parks and green areas abound in Riihimäki, so you can enjoy outdoor exercise and recreation in a wide variety of locations. The Piikinmäki park next to the apartment complex has just been revamped and features fitness stairs and a children's play area with a carousel.

Both open and covered parking spaces with heating posts are available in the yard of the apartment complex. The courtyard has a playground and a communal patio area. What's more, you don't need a car for day care runs, as the Piikinmäki day care centre is right next door.

Carefree rental living

  • Deposit €0

  • Tenancy agreements valid until further notice

  • Pets are welcome

  • Manage your home easily with our Jooppi app

  • The Joo team is here for you



How can I help you?

Please get in touch if you'd like to know anything about the neighbourhood or booking an apartment. We'll be happy to help you find your new home.
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