Something outdoorsy to do in Nokia? Joo!

What to do in Nokia?

If you live in Nokia, forests and lakes are never far from your doorstep. Grab our top tips for cycling and picnicking.

1. Great jogging and ski trails

The most beautiful scenic route for a jogger starts from Vihola at the Eden Spa and follows the shores of Lake Pyhäjärvi. Along the route you'll pass by Vihola harbour and the Keho allotments. At the end of the run, you can go for a swim at Liukuslahti beach or relax at Halkoniemi sauna.

If you get bored of jogging on asphalt, head for the forest and take the trails underneath. The trails are easy to get to from the city centre, for example from the car parks along Rounionkatu. The hilly terrain is sure to get your heart rate up.

Pyhäjärvi jogging

2. Let's hop on a bicycle

The forests of Nokia are full of fantastic mountain biking trails. The rocky terrain and lakescapes ensure that the trails are both challenging and stunning to look at. Check out the route from Porrasjärvi to Heinijärvi, for example.

If you prefer cycling on asphalt, head to Siuro. The journey on the cycle is easy and you'll be rewarded by beautiful views at Siurunkoski: enjoy the old wooden houses and hilly little streets, treat yourself to a pizza, stop by an antique shop for some bargains or visit Ossi Soma's sculpture park. Siuro has enough to amaze you for several excursions.

For a longer bike ride, follow the stunning lakeside trails. There is a website of lake routes (Järvien reitit), where you can find cycling routes of varying lengths around Pirkanmaa, including the Pyhäjärvi loop through the Nokia countryside.

Kennonnokka beach


3. Grab your backbag and go for a hike

The Maatialanharju nature trail offers a nature experience right in the centre of Nokia. Starting from the Kennonnoka car park, the route runs along the ridge and the shores of Lake Vihnusjärvi. The terrain of the ridge is also ideal for trail running. On the same trip, you can stop off at one of Nokia's most popular beaches, Kennonnokka, where you can swim and rent a sup-board.

Maatialanharju nature trail

The Laajanoja nature trail is also close to the city centre. The easy-to-follow trail follows the Laajanoja river all the way to Lake Alisenjärvi. The trail starts near the Alhoniitty kindergarten. If you want to stay in the forest longer, you can also join the Ikävänmaa tour, which follows the same route as the nature trail.

If you fancy cooking sausages, head to Lake Kivikesku, where there are two maintained campfire sites, or to the Ruutana nature trail, where there is one campfire site. Be sure to check the forest fire warnings before making fires in the countryside.

There are several birdwatching towers in Nokia for birdwatching trips. In the historic surroundings of the Pitkäniemi hospital, there is a new nature reserve at Markluhdanlahti bay, reached via an accessible path. You can also barbeque sausages there. The nature trail passes through a pasture, where you can spot sheep in the summer.


Markluhdanlahti bay

4. Outdoor gyms and frisbee golf

Do you want to do a chin-up in the fresh air? You're in the right place! Right in the heart of Nokia, in Poutunpuisto, you'll find an outdoor gym where you can get an effective workout. There's also a world-class disc golf course near the city centre, which is free for everyone to use. The course hosts the annual Disc Golf European Open event, which attracts top players from all over the world.

Behind the Harjuniitty sports hall you will also find an outdoor gym, a frisbee golf putting green and a ministadion. While you're there, check out the children's favourite play park, Dinopark, and the Harjuniitty Outdoor Sports Centre.

Disc golf

Poutunpuisto gym

Take a look at the checklist below for more tips for a nice summer's day!

Nokia checklist