A Christmas wreath creates a festive mood

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A home made Christmas wreath looks lovely on your door and smells wonderful. Luckily making one is much easier than you'd think!

You can buy spruce, pine or other green branches most flower shops at Christmastime. Do keep in mind that cutting branches off trees in the forest is not allowed without the landowner's permission. For the best look, try combining branches of different sizes and types, such as pine and eucalyptus. The wreath in the photo is made from silver spruce, thuja and olive tree branches.

As for the wreath ring, you can either buy it or make it yourself. You can use virtually any material from twigs to metal – just take your pick. Ready-make wreath rings are sold in many flower shops, craft shops and general stores. If you rather make it from scratch, we recommend fallen twigs and willow branches – pretty much anything but live branches!

What you need:

  • A wreath ring
  • Different coniferous branches and other green branches
  • Dark green wire
  • Pruning scissors
  • A ribbon for decoration

How it's done:

  1. Cut the branches into smaller segments with the pruning scissors and create a bouquet of three small branches by wrapping the wire around them. Attach your bouquet to the wreath ring.

  2. Make another bouquet and add it to your wreath so that it slightly overlaps the other bouquet. This will keep your wire out of sight.

  3. Repeat these steps until your wreath is as dense as you like.

  4. Finally, tie the ribbon on your wreath and knot it to form a long loop.

  5. Use the loop to hang your wreath on a door or in another suitable location. The wreath stays fresh for longer outdoors, but it's fine to hang it indoors, too.