What our tenants say about Joo Kodit

What our tenants say

It's important to us that our tenants enjoy living in Joo rental apartments and feel safe and carefree in their homes.

We constantly measure residents' satisfaction and regularly ask them for feedback in order to make their experience even better.

In March 2021 our tenants gave us a Net Promoter Score of 23 (NPS scores range from -100 to 100).

What our tenants say: why they chose a Joo apartment

  • New apartment, high quality, comfortable, spacious, well-lit, and cosy
  • The renting process was fast and reliable and everything went really smoothly
  • The apartment was clean, compact and well located. Joo Kodit was easy to get in touch with and the shared car was an added bonus
  • A great option for my current situation
  • No deposit, no commitment
  • Good, fast service
  • Renting an apartment was hassle-free and I've been very happy

Improvement suggestions

  • Guidelines and information bulletins for the apartment complex could be easier to find
  • A sauna department in the apartment complex would be a great extra, as would better availability of parking spaces for visitors and to rent
  • More amenities in the apartment complex, such as a sauna, meeting room, or large common room

We take these and other improvement suggestions very seriously and do our absolute best every day to make them happen.

We're currently developing a residents' portal, where tenants will have all the information about their rental apartment and the apartment complex always at hand. In addition to this, we're planning a variety of communal spaces for many of our apartment complexes.