Picking up keys

It's time to say Joo (that's a yes) to your new home! You'll be able to pick up your keys at 12 p.m. on the start date of your tenancy agreement at the latest. Our rental representative will email you about when and where you can pick up the keys. If you can't come at the designated time, no worries. It is also possible to pick up the keys in the ways described below. Please agree with our rental representative beforehand which of them suits you best.

Please make sure you send a copy of your home insurance policy to our rental representative in good time, as we can only hand over the keys once we've received it.

Pick-up from a Joo Kodit office
Authorising a friend
Picking up keys from R-kioski with a €15 surcharge
Pick up from a lockbox – please see the instructions (available in Oulu)