Order eInvoices

Make things easier by ordering your invoices as eInvoices directly to your online bank!

Here's how easy it is:

1. First, find one of your previous rent bills. You can view them in the Jooppi residents' app, if your lessor is Joo Kodit. You'll also receive your rent bills to the email address you put in the tenancy agreement, unless otherwise agreed.

2. Log in to your online bank. If you paid the rent bills of your previous property manager by eInvoice, please first delete the old mandate from your online bank.

3. Check your previous bill to confirm whether you're renting the apartment from Joo Kodit or Niskanen Residential. Then, you can request eInvoices from your online bank using the correct company name or business ID:

  • Joo Kodit, y-tunnus: 2808794-5

  • Niskanen Residential, y-tunnus: 2692391-1

  • E-invoices are not available for tenancy agreements with Jaakko Niskanen as the lessor.

4. Use the reference number on your bill as your payer identification.

5. Choose your preferred settings, such as whether you want to pay the e-Invoice automatically.

And there you go, one less thing to remember, allowing you to focus on the important things in your life!

If you have any problems ordering e-Invoices, please ask your bank's customer service to help you out.


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