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Joo Day

Welcome to celebrate Joo Day 5.5.!

On May 5th, National Joo Day is celebrated, and you have been invited to join. Fall in love, get excited and follow your heart towards what feels right in an instant, and say Joo to it!

This year, festive fun can be found in Kirkkonummi and Oulu. See the program below and join us.


Join the Joo Day celebrations at Joo.Arena at Seppä-Kallen kuja 1. Bring a friend with you, or find a new training buddy in the open sport trials.

16:30–17:30 We sweat in a joint training session led by Kerttu Rissanen. Sign up by email asiakaspalvelu@jooarena.fi. Capacity for the first 40 enrolments.

16–17:30 Looking for tips for the gym? Come and ask personal trainer Nadia Ammouri in an open PT session. In addition, the gym has open doors all day!

16:00–18:00 Do you have a good eye for ballgames? Yes! Come alone or together to try padel and in the rotating shifts everyone gets to play. The games feature influencer Mikael Sundberg!

16:00–18:00 Find a new playmate in badminton speed dating. Fun and sports at the same time - what a fun combination!

16:00–18:00 Body Composition Measurement on walk-in-basis for 20 € premium price (norm. 35 €).

17:30-18:00 After a workout, it is important to take care of your body as well! Come join Pernilla Böckerman's body maintenance class. Sign up at asiakaspalvelu@jooarena.fi.

17:30–19 When we’ve worked up a light sweat, you can move on to the Bistro Mediterranean Cuisine on the second floor of Joo.Arena. Delicious snacks available. 18:15 Pernilla Böckerman tells about recovering and listening your body.


In Oulu we celebrate at the Joo Hetki café with good food, company and music.

Joo Day is an excellent time to cap off the decking season! Starting in the afternoon, DJ Malsson will entertain in Joo Hetki and at the same time you can taste our soon-to-be-launched Joo drink. The day is crowned with glitter face painting! Delicious offers are also available in Joo Hetki.

8:00–9:00 Starting the day with Fanny. Come for a walk with us.

10:00–14:00 Have a delicious brunch and enjoy live music.

14:00–17:00 Glitter face paintings by Glitternisti.

16:30–19:00 Joo Buffet for the win! Buffet includes small savory and sweet bites, soup and delicious salad. Price 17 €, for Joo Kodit residents special price 12 €.

15:00–21:00 DJ Malsson plays relaxed lounge music and entertains those who celebrate Joo Day.

In addition, there will be Joo-bingo and Joo-drinks available throughout the day. Get also balloons and cotton candy!


Take part to our giveaway by sharing your pictures on Instagram with hashtag #joopäivä. One lucky winner will get a Joo bag with goodies. The winner will be picked 9.5. and the winner will be notified with a direct message.