Joo Kodit vuokra-asunnot jouluetu

A new home for Christmas

Enjoy a rent-free December with more money to spend on presents.

Pay €0 rent in December for your new rental apartment

Enjoy Christmas in a new home - and rather than paying rent, spend the money on Christmas presents, interior design, or anything else you want!

The Joo Kodit Christmas offer means your December rent in selected apartment complexes is €0.

New rental apartments around Finland

  • Deposit €0
  • Pets are welcome
  • Tenancy agreements valid until further notice
  • The Joo team is always here to help

Christmas offer! December rent €0

Your December rent this year is €0 if your tenancy agreement starts in 2022.

The Christmas offer applies to new tenancy agreements in all the following apartment complexes: Pirkkalan Loiste, Tesoman Resiina ja Seisake, Nokian Värjäämö.